Robin Tyler Foundation (RTF) will help develop and support the following services:

Southern Maryland Challenge
Preparatory Program

Talk show

Future Society

Community wide mentoring program

We provide these services to *"AT Risk" children who reside within Charles County and supports low income and single parent families. RTF will provide direct support to youth stimulating entrepreneurship and inspire young participants to become the cornerstone for their own business realizing  their ability to become engineers, technical advisor's, the US President or anything their hearts desire as well as connect families to a variety of referral services that exist throughout Southern Maryland. These services include, but are not limited to, referrals for Individual & family counseling.

RTF is initially focused on teaching “values and discipline.” Without this nothing can be accomplished. Then we will focus on teaching people "how to" break the spirit of average thinking and the importance of living their dreams and having a written out plan of action on how to achieve them.

Today, too many people have stopped dreaming and are settling for just enough to get by. With the breakdown of the family structure and the lack of our spiritual faith and belief in Jesus Christ, we no longer make an effort to try.

*"AT RISK" means individuals who are in a situation that will not allow them to succeed at home, school or neighborhood.
Our goal is to help people restore that faith, and show them that we live in a world where there are no limits to living a good life. We all have the ability to create the kind of lifestyle that we want and desire. RTF  will offer solutions and the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial support to help create the balance needed for every person who wants our help. Through our unique quasi -style of military mentoring and the knowledge and wisdom of concerned men and women of valor from within the community, we will help people change their lives and live their dreams..