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The talk show was created to provide young people from all different backgrounds an opportunity to use their voice in a organized and positive manner, focusing on real issues that affects their per-sonal and social growth and development in the community and around the world. Each week dif-ferent influential leaders will appear on the show to give their opinions and professional evolve-ment on different topics.

The host and co hosts will not only focus on crucial issues but solutions to ensure that parents, schools and leaders understand how young people feel today about their future.

DATE: The show will be broadcasted starting in March 2013 on the Charles County Local Public Access Station, Comcast 98 and You-Tube (No Hype No Bull).

CONTACT: If you have a topic to be discussed or would like to become a guest on the show, con-tact Robin E. Tyler at (240)-280-6562 or at

SPONSORS: Each show will be sponsored by local businesses, churches, and/or individuals .